As a Federal and State Court-Qualified Expert Witness in Gang and Urban culture I will evaluate your discovery material and provide you with an objective written analysis of the findings so you can make an informed decision about your case. I also will provided the following:​

  • Serve as a liaison between the family and the lawyer

  • Help the client and the client’s families understand various legal concepts and strategic  decisions

  • Interview the client and witnesses

  • Cross examination preparation

  • Overall consultation pertaining to gang/urban culture, gang membership/association and affiliation

  • Testify in trial


 How To Defend a Gang Case - This workshop will be addressing some very important aspects in the defense of gang cases. This seminar covers important topics that include trial questions, humanizing your client, selecting and working with a gang expert, discovery request questions, excluding social media (Rap, Facebook, I.G, etc...) and an exhaustive review of the laws and case law pertaining to gangs.


So You Wanna Be a Gangsta? - Understanding Gang Laws and Gang Injunctions - this workshop is designed to provide the inner and outer workings of gang laws and gang injunctions as it is applied by law enforcement in urban communities. A portion of this workshop is specificity designed to give tools to individuals and organizations whose clientele is at risk to prosecution under these laws.

How to become a Court-Qualified Gang Expert Witness?

This workshop will give you all the steps you need to become a Court-Qualified gang expert witness