Hood Boys, Inc. (Formely For Youth By Youth/FYBY)



Hood Boys, Inc addresses the underlying reasons that youth are having difficulty making positive life choices. Our mentoring gives youth the lenses they need to identify the misleading survival mentality. By exposing this “stinking thinking” which ultimately directs their negative behavior they have a new base framework to begin accessing their dreams and potential. Our students get information that arms them with skills for employment and education, but with a reservoir of self-knowledge that is invaluable in their transition to becoming responsible, empowered and young people.



This mentoring is proven to

1 Replace destructive survival behavior with positive life skills

2 Reengage youth with their education and employment goals. 

3 Disrupt the hopelessness associated with socio-economic depravity

4 Encourage self-esteem and value



The mission of Hood Boys, Inc. is to bring healing and hope to individuals and communities affected by social injustice. 


Program Goals:

Hood Boys, Inc. goals are to equip youth with tools to solve their own personal problems and prepare them to lead with confidence, skill and compassion.


The Program: 

We teach violence prevention methods and spiritual development. Through our relevant and consistent mentoring we give them the framework to deal with their emotional trauma and articulate what they want their life to look like. At that point we help sculpture a plan that is attainable and attractive to that youth and help them change their decision making process. 



1. Academic Success

2. Productive community member

3. Recidivism Rate Decrease

4. A new way of thinking re: life choices

5. Young people with whom we work find answers for the first time to the anger, fear, and pain that has driven their negative behaviors for years. They find the beginning of their own healing, which is the most critical step in breaking the cycles that keep them returning to jail again and again.



Most of our program elements are designed to expose and deprogram the “stinkin’ thinkin’” of the streets; we also believe that youth must be exposed to life “outside the HOOD.” As youth experience new and diverse opportunities and vantage points, their hopes and dreams flourish. Throughout the year we host opportunities for young people to earn the right to accompany our staff and volunteers to numerous adventures and occasions for exposure. Because we believe opportunity without preparation is a blueprint for failure, we enforce attainable requirements for each participating student. Examples of exposure events are as follows: Service Opportunities, College Tours, Community Building, Summer Camps and traveling abroad.



1. Youth begin to dream again

2. Take advantage of opportunities> internships, jobs,

3. Interact with different cultures, communities, economic classes

4. Dreams become a possibility